Our mission is to work to provide the world


Electric foundry of carbon steel, stainless, heat resistant and alloyed steel, laminar or nodular alloyed iron, super alloys and non ferrous materials, for pieces molded in synthetic or resin sands, statically or centrifugally cast, with rough or machined delivery, covering a wide range of requirements of general industry. The quality in castings is priority. Our mission is to work to provide the world.


TITANIA is an Argentine steel foundry with a long and established history of providing the highest quality steel products to its customers. It was founded in 1979 by its current owners: Mr. Norberto Donaldo Rivero and his son, Norberto Isidro Rivero.

The family tradition in the foundry industry had started in 1939, when Norberto Alejandrino Rivero, the grandfather of the current president of the enterprise, started with "Fundición Titania S.R.L." in Avellaneda city, a foundry mostly devoted to making railway industry castings. In the late 50s a strong change in the market guided Mr. Rivero to new metallurgical activities, ... but the desire to come back to his previous activity was always in his mind, and he could make his dream come true at the beginning of the 80s with the new plant in Campana city.

Little by little they started to developing new customers and invest in up to date technology and training. The industry was quickly consolidated as a foundry with a strong compromise with quality and a growing project.

In the late 80s new laboratory facilities made it easier to reach much stricter specifications and a very important agreement with an international automotive industry was signed up. Almost at the same time, special steel alloys were designed to make castings for the iron and steel industry.

In 1994 Fernando and Omar, children of Norberto D. Rivero, joined the board. That year the management detected the opportunity to develop the external market, and an exportation strategy was established. This became a reality in December 1995, when the first container with Titania´s castings left the country towards the United States of America.

Most of the production was devoted to automotive, iron and steel and pump and valve industries, but trying to reach new markets, the enterprise could open its knowledge field to new alloys and processes, transforming itself into an up-to-date foundry, specialized in high complex alloys and rolling mill, very well-acknowledged in the local marketplace.

The quality assurance system implemented has been certified under the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9002 in 1997 and ISO 14001 in 2001 and OHSAS 18001.

Castings cover a wide range of products that are used in the steel, iron and steel, rolling mill, automotive, railway, oil and cement industries. The products are designed according to customer specifications with the aid of an in-house modeling, molding, casting and machine shops.



La Dirección de TITANIA, declara su público compromiso de implementar y mantener un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente, Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional en su proceso de fabricación y venta de piezas fundidas y mecanizadas en aleaciones ferrosas y no ferrosas, conforme a los requisitos exigidos en la Marca de Certificación Integrada ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001, y cumpliendo con la legislación ambiental aplicable y los requisitos de los clientes con el fin de:

Satisfacer los requisitos de los clientes, adoptando una actitud preventiva respecto de la contaminación, de los riesgos a las personas y de las fallas que puedan afectar la calidad de sus productos.

Asegurar el control y de los procesos productivos, haciendo un uso racional de los recursos naturales.

Promover el mejoramiento continuo del desempeño ambiental y en el aseguramiento de la calidad de nuestros productos.

Proveer la Formación necesaria del personal involucrado en el Sistema de Gestión con el objeto de comprometerlos en el mejoramiento personal.

Involucrar progresivamente a nuestros proveedores y contratistas para que adopten el mismo compromiso.

Asegurar el monitoreo periódico de la evolución de Objetivos y el relevamiento de tendencias tanto en aspectos de la Calidad como Ambientales en el marco de la Revisión por la Dirección.

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